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Facial Masks to Reignite Your Skin’s Radiance

Incorporating a masking treatment into your facial routine 1 - 3x a week (especially during times of weather shifts) can give our skin extra support, while providing much needed time to relax the body and mind too.

At Live Botanical, we offer three facial masks: Glowing Honey Mask, Greenhouse Glow Antioxidant Mask and the Tidal Moon Moisture Mask to awaken and revive the skin.

Since our formulations focus is on gentleness and barrier care, they all help in this way. Though each one has a different texture, scent and end result. To help you choose, we’ve provided an in depth look at each mask.


Glowing Honey Mask

Radiant glow in minutes

glowing honey mask


This mask uses ancient traditions of honey infusions and powdered herbs for your skin’s restorative journey. Organic papaya offers a gentle enzymatic exfoliation to stimulate and revive the skin. A radiant glow awaits you in minutes.

For an added experience use facial (honey) tapping to stimulate lymph and circulatory movement.

The Glowing Honey Mask has a multi purpose function of a hydrating mask, an exfoliant and and/or facial cleanser.

Suitable for all skin types

Scent Profile: rose & chamomile

What others are saying:

Melissa O. uses the mask in her morning routine. "I put it on in the morning and leave for about 30 minutes while I get ready for the day. It smells wonderful and really gets the blood flowing. My face is so soft and pampered when I am done."

Alisia says "This mask does so much! It calms, cleanses, brightens dull skin, and exfoliates. Plus it smells amazing! Slightly spicy and slightly floral. Reminds me of my favorite herbal tea, plus it tastes good if you get it on your lips! I love that it is gentle and not drying. My skin was so soft, hydrated and glowing after using it!"

Greenhouse Glow Antioxidant Mask

Calm redness and even skin tone

Greenhouse Glow Mask

The Greenhouse Glow mask provides optimal phytonutrient delivery bringing lackluster skin back to life.

The mask stimulates deep circulation and increases cellular oxygenation to restore luminosity when your skin feels dull or asphyxiated due to environmental damage, stress, internal imbalances or even long airplane flights.

Activate the mask’s nutrients by adding cool water to pull out the water-soluble compounds (get your masking bowl and brush ready 😉).

This is a mask that, overtime, helps the skin to lessen sensitivity.

It doubles as a cleansing scrub for physical exfoliation or can simply be removed if you’re more sensitive.

This supports all skin types and I love this for combination skin or skin in need of balance to even out skin tone. Note: mild circulation redness is normal after using the mask and will subside.

Scent Profile: herbaceous, citrus and green tea like

What others are saying:

This creamy balm that turns into a rich, moisturizing, plant-smoothie mask that provides results immediately. This is my go-to skin-transforming product right now.

~Claire M.

First of all I love the vibrant green color it turns when activated with water. It smells so good too! My skin feels revived, refreshed, and hydrated. The initial circulation redness after wiping the mask off scared me a little but it subsided quickly and left my skin feeling renewed. Try this mask and you won’t regret it!

~Ricarda S.

Tidal Moon Moisture Mask

Plump and firm the skin

Tidal Moon Moisture Mask

This soft textured blend is all about soothing stressed skin. Helping barrier repair, it provides more moisture than the other two masks. It’s also more focused on vitality, plumping the skin for those concerned with fine lines and enlarged pores. Though it’s not an exfoliant, the extracts used support cellular renewal & protection for aging skin.

As with all of our products, we formulate to reduce inflammation. So this mask is great for most skin types especially combination to dry and even acne prone.

Scent Profile: a sweet forest

What others are saying:

I absolutely adore this product! It is the most magical formulation. Rich, creamy, nourishing, sweet smelling. After a complete cleanse, I layer on this mask and relax, breathing in the scent and enjoying the process while my skin is renewed. I have never ever used a mask that leaves the skin so smooth, nourished, brightened and revitalized. It does everything is says and more. I am beyond happy with this mask and consider it a holy grail product.


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