Lymphatic drainage eye massage to help with puffiness, dark circles and milia

Lymphatic drainage eye massage to help with puffiness, dark circles and milia

Whether you’re experiencing eye strain from staring at a screen all day or mild swelling or puffiness from lack of sleep or discovering milia (tiny white bumps) finding their way up to the surface - an eye massage can help relax the eye muscle and improve circulation.

The process of increasing flow under the skin within the fascia is helpful not only for puffiness and dark circles but also for buildup. Since things like milia can be caused by underactive cellular renewal and processing (sometimes this is just age or other times its metabolic slowness). I feel this process wakes everything up and notice less congestion and overall smoothness.

We’ve created our own eye massage ritual that can fit into any facial care routine or on its own. Perform daily, weekly or any time your eyes need some love.


We don't offer a specific eye cream as our products are multi-functional and find massage to be the best way to support common concerns.  These are all offered in mini sizes which are perfect when only using them for eye care.

Our favorite product to support the delicate eye area is the Ambient Moisture Liquid. It’s a featherweight moisture serum with no added essential oils and contains Horse Chestnut, which is well known to improve the skin under the eye. Perfect to strengthen the skin while being gentle, giving just the right amount of slip to perform a lymphatic drainage massage to help with puffiness and dark circles.

If you prefer oils for massage, our First Light Brightening Oil offers more functional support around collagen building and discoloration.  As a lighter weight oil it provides enough slip to prevent tugging at the skin. It absorbs well, making it supportive for most skin types.

For those who prefer a richer formula and not prone to milia, the Renewing Concentrate is rich in firming botanical compounds to add a bit more plumpness.  This blend also supports collagen production and softens discoloration.

For Milia

The Illuminating Exfoliating Serum is gentle enough for the eye area and can help with those prone to milia.  We recommend adding this a few nights.  Pair with the Ambient Moisture Liquid for massage.

Other considerations if experiencing excessive milia, be careful with heavy balms and oils.  Limit their use to occasional evenings when the skin is dry.

The Eye Massage Ritual

Lymphatic drainage eye massage diagram

Start by moisturizing the skin all over, use 1-2 pumps of serum and press onto the face, neck and chest. Follow the massage steps using the provided visual guide and instructions above.

Step 1:
Apply one pump of liquid to your pointer and middle finger tips. Using soft pressure (not pulling at the skin) make tapping motions starting from the center of your brow bone moving out, then under your eyes (along the cheekbone) towards your nose.
Do this 5x to help bring blood flow to the area.

Step 2:
Take your thumbs and place them on the inner corner of your eyebrows and press firmly upwards and hold for 3 seconds.

Step 3:
Take your ring finger below the brow bone, glide outwards toward your temples with light pressure 5x.

Step 4:
With your pointer and middle fingers glide above the brow bone towards the temples with medium pressure 5x

Step 5:
Hold each of the following positions for 3 seconds. Pinch the inner corner of the eyebrows, the middle of the eyebrows, and the outer corner of the eyebrows.

Step 6:
With your ring finger, start on the inner corner of the eye, and drag lightly in an outward motion to the sides of the face. Repeat 5x

Step 7:
Complete with a massage on your temples using your index and middle fingers for 10 seconds.

For an extra relaxing experience, incorporate a cold compress (for redness prone skin) or a warm compress (for dull skin) at the end of the ritual. Simply run a washcloth under cold or warm water and place on your skin for up to 20 minutes (lying down).

Repeat ritual 2-3x
Ambient Moisture Liquid

Ambient Moisture Liquid

A creamy serum for everyday moisture while offering comfort to compromised and dehydrated complexions. This unique emulsifier-free blend mirrors the skin’s lipid matrix for enhanced protection against moisture loss and strengthens overall barrier function. Soothing humectants from a potent marshmallow root extract, snow mushroom, and linden flower infuse the skin with hydration. Whole plant extracts of gotu kola, plantain, self-heal, red clover, and horse chestnut ignite cellular regenerative communication pathways to help firm, soften texture, even out redness, and recover from environmental stress. Resulting in skin that feels incredibly soft and calm. Includes our Botanical Enrichment Method with advanced, potent extractions and encapsulation for optimal bioavailability & efficacy. Scent: The aroma is fairly neutral with an herbaceous undertone and a hint of berries. No added essential oils.Skin Types: Most, including sensitive. For dry skin pair with an oil or balm of choice.Texture: Creamy and has a matte finish with a more subtle glow. Give about 15 seconds for the humectant layer to absorb.

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First Light Brightening Oil Serum

First Light Brightening Oil Serum

A cornucopia of vital antioxidants derived from berries, calendula, carrots, dates, and a Vitamin C ester that aids in skin protection, brightening, and collagen synthesis. Vegan ceramides plus pomegranate sterols seamlessly rebuild and fortify the skin’s natural structure. Overall supporting concerns around fine lines, scarring, tone & texture. Scent: Slightly herbal with a hint of garden vegetables and berries. No added essential oils.Skin Types: Suitable for most including sensitive, acne-prone, and mature skin types.Texture: A cushiony, mid-weight oil serum that absorbs well leaving a velvety finish.

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Renewing Concentrate

Renewing Concentrate

This potent blend of botanical extracts is designed to revitalize dry, lackluster skin, leaving it supple and glowing. Packed with an array of firming and cellular regenerative properties sourced from a full spectrum of rose, lupine, dates, CoQ10, and sea buckthorn. Enriched with a plant-focused lipid complex of pomegranate, jojoba, and oats, this formula strengthens the skin's resilience and restores its natural balance and vitality. Abundant in antioxidants, providing immediate luminosity to the skin while also assisting in the recovery from environmental stressors. Includes our Botanical Enrichment Method with advanced, potent extractions and encapsulation for optimal bioavailability & efficacy. Scent: The initial scent has an earthy quality but quickly opens to an uplifting chamomile & delicate rose aroma. The essential oil dilution is equivalent to 0.4%.Skin Types: Dry skin with little to no oil production OR for those with adequate oil production, this can be used as an overnight moisture mask.Texture: Juicy, a soft balm that melts on contact with the skin. Offers a dewy, glow-inducing finish.Batch Variations: We find that the cupuaçu butter can occasionally separate and create soft, meltable beads. If this occurs - simply melt a pea-size amount of the concentrate in your palm and rub your hands together to warm the oils then press it into the skin, followed by a gentle massage. Elevated Formula! The whole plant actives are now fully encapsulated for increased efficacy. You will also notice a much softer, gel-like texture in this batch.

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Illuminating Exfoliating Serum

Illuminating Exfoliating Serum

An oil-free, multi-layered serum to hydrate, calm, lessen scarring, and gently exfoliate. Effective yet sensitive-skin-friendly salicin and lactic acid not only refine and brighten but improve the skin's natural moisturizing factor, leveraging the other hydrating herbs to refresh the skin. A base of soothing, emollient-rich herbs of wild pansy, marshmallow, and aloe softens and smooths the skin. Working to improve hydration and retain water. This is a very low-dose exfoliating formula that works with a collection of botanicals that encourage cellular renewal where a small amount of lactic acid helps lift unproductive cells (aka "dead" cells) that can cause dryness, dullness, and irritation. Pairs well with our gentle enzymatic facial oil for additional support to create a complete evening moisturizer (Hydrating Layer + Oil Layer): Overnight Resurfacing Oil  Scent: The scent is neutral with hints of green tea. No added essential oils.Skin Types: Most skin types, including sensitive and congestion prone skin. Though caution should be taken if you have a compromised barrier.Texture: Light, clear gel with a rich humectant base.

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