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Part 1: Are you over cleansing?

In a 4 part Cleansing Series, I will be taking a deeper dive into cleansing.  A step often overshadowed by treatments and moisturizers though finding the right cleansing protocol can make all the difference.

This first article covers frequency of cleansing.

Personally I’m a fan of once a day though I find people prefer the practice of twice a day. I believe most skin types could benefit from less cleansing or at least minimal approaches, especially if you don’t produce that much oil naturally or are really sensitive.

The goal with the once a day approach is to give your natural oils time to replenish the lipid layer. Limiting disruption of the biome and allowing the skin to regulate on its own. While also leaving room daily to perform a deep yet gentle cleanse to remove anything applied like sunscreen, makeup plus pollution and external debris.

To experiment with once a day cleansing, mornings are often the best to skip traditional cleansing since you likely have no makeup or sunscreen on.
Giving yourself about 30 days to see how your skin feels. Adjusting based on what feels good and I always recommend trusting your intuition as you know your skin better than anyone.

To start simply rinse the skin with warm water and use a soft damp cloth to gently remove any debris.

(Optional) Since water has a pH of 7, I like adding one of our elixirs or hydramists which are around 5-5.5 pH which is a common sweet spot for the skin. Though many hydrosols could work.
I’m a strong believer in incorporating acidic products to help balance the acid mantle which can uplift our biome function to better ward off against things like breakouts or reactions from sensitivity.

Then follow up with a hydrating moisturizer like our Ambient Moisture Liquid.

If you're combination or dry and need extra nourishment complete the ritual with your favorite facial oil and/or balm depending on your skin care preferences. 

In the next articles we'll discuss different cleansing options that elaborate on how cleansers interact with the skin.

~Carolyn, owner & maker

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