Our Philosophy

Beautiful. Fresh. Responsible. Simple.

To Live Beautiful - Formulas are rooted in creating harmony within the skin and spirit. Shining a light on what makes you uniquely beautiful.

We believe embracing and holding space for who you are at this moment is where beauty begins. You have always been and always will be a reflection of the wonder & brilliance that exists in nature. 

Our goal is to instill this deep resonance of connectedness into your daily skin care rituals.

To Live Fresh - Whole plant infusions, botanical extracts, and unrefined oils, waxes and butters are at the core of every product.

  • As much as possible we start with fresh herbs, including herbs we grow ourselves.  Though it can cost 4-5x more, it ensures the potency and quality meets our high standards in delivering effective herbal goods.
  • With a deep understanding of herbalism and plant physiology, our well researched and applied extraction methods ensure high quality plant properties in every product.
  • Ingredient lists are familiar and uncomplicated allowing the pureness of the botanicals to shine.
  • Most skin care products are stored in freshness extending violet/black glass.  This unique, luxury vessel helps protect the plant compounds from degradation.  Ensuring the products maintain their vibrancy for as long as possible.

To Live Responsible - Both environmental and social responsibility are value statements we hold dear in every decision made from sourcing, formulating, packaging to delivering.

  • Sourcing follows strict guidelines such as ingredients not obtained regionally are fair trade certified or are co-op managed (when applicable).
  • If organic is not an option, we work with producers who follow organic guidelines or ethically wild-harvested using rules outlined by United Plant Savers.
  • Oils, butters and waxes must be GMO free and unrefined or minimally refined depending on formulation requirements.

  • Preservatives and lab based ingredients are researched extensively for environmental impact and personal safety.
    • Implementation of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).
    • We never test on animals or use animal based ingredients. We do use bee products which come from local beekeepers who are stewards to their livelihood.
    • Transparency is incredibly important to us.  You're welcome to contact us anytime for more information on ingredients and formulas.

    To Live Simple - We embrace the art of slow-living by taking time to connect more with plants and to our customers to impart feelings of love, patience and acceptance.

    • Products are handcrafted in small batches bridging current knowledge and traditional wisdom into every formula.
    • We consider ourselves anti-capitalists. This means we remain purposefully small and share profits equally amongst staff. This extends into ensuring our products are affordable given the fair labor cost of ingredients used and making everything by hand.  This lower footprint also means we don't spend a lot on marketing or enhanced services.  What we do offer is access to email the owner and maker with any questions you have.
    • Our goals are based in the love of nature and helping others connect to the outside world.  We source with an idea of using abundant herbs to limit our impact on the earth.