Tidal Moon Moisture Mask
Tidal Moon Moisture Mask

Size: 50ml Full

Tidal Moon Moisture Mask
Tidal Moon Moisture Mask
Tidal Moon Moisture Mask
Tidal Moon Moisture Mask mini sized

Customer Reviews

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Laura J.
Love this mask!

It has a clean, fresh scent and felt so nourishing on my dry skin after being in the Colorado mountains for a week. I have never been so dry and chapped! Love this mask and my skin feels plumped and good as new.

Really like this product.

It really helps my face stay moisturized and dewy.

Lynne S.
All the minis are sold out …

I always want to purchase new products and the minis are always sold out everywhere online. Plus they took away the best product the Moon Balm. Nothing makes sense anymore.

We do appreciate people taking the time to let us know if they have issues.
We have the majority of minis available at most times. Out of 22 products, generally only 2-4 are out of stock out at the same time (not counting seasonal items). There are always exceptions as we may get an influx of orders unexpectedly. Sometimes we are also just behind due to circumstances outside of our control.

Freshness is a critical component to making whole plant skin care, it is a process that cannot be rushed and sometimes we are waiting on Mother Nature for ingredients. In our highly commodified culture it is easy for people to demand what they want when they want it. Though as a purposely small brand, we have an opportunity to live more in reciprocity with the environment and be mindful of what much we take (and in our case make & sell).
In the beauty industry as a whole, waste is a major issue, often as a result of over manufacturing.

We make small batches based on what we anticipate selling each month. It is not a perfect science.
Since we do not make a profit with mini-sizes, as the cost/labor to produce and the overhead is the same for each product regardless of the size, most often we prioritize batch schedules when the full sizes are low.

You are always welcome email us on the status of an item you may want. We hope to configure a new website app for people to be notified once an item is back in stock. As a very small team, tech projects are sometimes slow to implement when balancing day-to-day work.

As for the Moon Cycle Balm, we are very sorry you miss this item. It was one of the first balms I created for Live Botanical 8 years ago and love it dearly. Unfortunately is just didn’t sell enough to justify keeping it on. Reiterating what I stated above, we have to be mindful of what we carry and my physical capacity to keep making the product while making decisions that best support the business as a whole.

I wish you the best on your skincare journey.
- Carolyn (Owner)

Shelley Y.
Surprisingly good

It's not surprising that this mask is wonderful considering I love everything I have tried from Live Botanical and considering all the rave reviews. However, I was pleasantly surprised that this mask has what I would describe as micro-exfoliation particles in it so that it feels slightly gritty. I love to have a physical exfoliation product to use on my face in the shower once or twice a week, so this was just the icing on the cake to an already lovely face mask!

Annette L.
Winter hydration

This mask applies so smoothly and was wonderfully hydrating. Such a treat for my skin.