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wholesale inquiries

Thanks so much for your interest in partnering with Live Botanical. 

We run a purposefully small operation with minimal overhead to provide organic, fresh whole plant infused and sustainable skincare at an affordable price. 

Due to the nature of our humble methods, we are not able to take all all the requests we receive.

We open up to new wholesale partnerships 3 times a year.  We do not accept new partners between October - February. Currently we have a waitlist. Please fill out the form below to apply. 

The next opening will be February 2023. Though timeframes may be subject to change. 


We offer wholesale partnerships to retail shops and spa clients using the products for facial and skincare treatments. 

Estheticians and Spa Clients
Most of the estheticians who work with us use Live Botanical products intuitively, focusing on a holistic treatments and wellness. They appreciate our low barrier entry to work with a fresh, organic skincare line. With the thorough description of each product's intention and usage and the wide array of products allows them to create a customized experience for their client's needs.  
Limited backbar sizing is available.

Retail Clients
Our retail clients strive to offer their customers products from the most conscious brands in the industry.  Their retail space is an extension of their own personal values and they have a keen appreciation for indie brands. 

We must mention...

 We have product usage guidelines for our esthetician clients, but don't offer extensive training materials as most of our clients are well versed in creating facial treatments intuitively or have previous experience. We do ask that a retail selection also be offered in conjunction to treatment room use.

 Inventory and lead times vary significantly due to the nature of our small batch production methods. If you can appreciate the slow and ever changing nature of a small indie brand we want to be your friend. 


please allow 7 - 10 business day for us to get back to you



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