Meet the Maker

Thank you so much for coming by to learn a little more about the Live Botanical journey.

My name is Carolyn and call the incredible city of Portland Oregon my home. The start of Live Botanical is a dream that formed over 20 years ago.  It was only until 2016 when I finally began to move towards a path I felt called to do.

The heart of Live Botanical is the intense desire to connect more with Mother Nature and share her beauty and wisdom with others.  This passion extends into taking care of earth and all her inhabitants.  I believe the path to a more sustainable society is to encourage ideas of conservation through compassion.  We must see ourselves in nature and nature within ourselves to change mindsets.  Instinctually we are self-preservationists and when we can create those threads from our own lives to what we see outside, we will begin to acknowledge our role in the larger global picture.  Without these threads it can be easy to be complacent or disconnected.

For me this connection has saved my life on numerous occasions.  In meaningful and present observation, she has taught me more about compassion, forgiveness, strength and gratitude than any other.  Her natural cycles on minor and macro scales is where I find comfort.  Learning to accept, appreciate and love who I am right now at this time.  That with every moment of darkness or death there is light and rebirth to follow.  

The study of herbalism was a natural progression for me during my formative years.  My initial education started with an American Herbalist Guild (AHG) program from 1998-2002.  My teacher, Dr. Mara Levin was part of the early practitioners of the 1970’s who worked alongside many influential modern american herbalists who would eventually form the AHG.

I trust my own experiences coupled with a wide variety of knowledge.  I am a forever student continually growing my understanding of the world of plants working with a myriad of teachers and traditions. With that I allow my creations to evolve and flourish.  As a result I believe wholeheartedly in all the products I have produced.

Through herbal based skin care, I am able to tell a story to help forge a relationship with the many wonders of the natural world.  With vivid botanical imagery and products designed for self-care, I hope you are reminded everyday of the beauty in the world and more importantly the beauty that lives within you.

I am forever grateful for all of those who I have connected with and hope to connect with one day.

Thank you from the fullest part of my heart,

Carolyn McRory, Maker & Founder