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Ingredient Updates

Live Botanical is in the midst of an exciting evolution. We are deepening our connection to alchemical herbal preparations and advancing some of our formulations. This will be a year-long process overall.

Below is the most up-to-date list of detailing which product has been updated. To view the new ingredient list please use the link to the product page.

As of date Product  Key Updates
TBA 12/2023 Rooted Balancing Balm Discontinued ingredient from our supplier: Gromwell Root Co2 extract. Color change from reddish purple to greenish blue. Enhanced botanical extractions.

TBA 11/2023

Rose & Tulsi Radiance Elixir

 Added chaga, replaced the type of resveratrol using Pichia ferment, enhanced liposomal botanical extractions.

TBA 11/2023

Fresh Complexion Clarifying Elixir

 Replaced the ginger hydrosol with lemon thyme and witch hazel hydrosols, added green tea extract and enhanced liposomal botanical extractions.


Temperate Forest Restoring Complex


New aromatic hydrosol blend (conifers & lavender/wildflowers). Improved bio-availability with liposomal botanical extracts and replacing daikon seed lipids with amaranth squalane.


Skin Repair Balm

Liposomal encapsulation, now includes whole Frankincense resin extract and Buritil oil



Renewing Concentrate

Liposomal encapsulation, enhanced botanical extractions

8/22/23 Ambient Moisture Liquid Liposomal encapsulation, emulsifier-free, enhanced botanical extractions
7/2023 Gentle Cleansing Gel Replaced a now discontinued ingredient from our supplier: sodium lauroyl oat amino acids with coco-glucoside (non-gmo, sugar derived, bio-degradable, and suitable for ultra-sensitive skin).
7/2023 Nourishing Cleansing Oil Replaced pumpkin seed oil with acai fruit oil.
6/26/23 Solar Return Revitalizing Essence Liposomal encapsulation