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Seasonal Radiance Elixir


NEW Batch Coming Soon / End of September 

We are moving to 1 version year round! We’ve selected the Rose & Rama Tulsi hydrosol blend.  The formula is same however we’re utilizing different  extraction methods to maintain better consistency. This will provide more potent compounds to brighten, calm redness and soften texture.


Shake well before use

A hydrating mist with serum-like qualities.  At the heart is a rotating seasonal blend of hydrosols distilled locally including from our own Live Botanical garden.  Elevated by a base of our custom blended Mushroom Complex of snow mushroom, shiitake, and reishi. Rich in niacinamide to lessen the appearance of pores, smooth out the texture, and revitalize dull skin. Naturally occurring polysaccharides (like beta-glucans) create a breathable hydrating layer that draws moisture in to soothe stressed skin. Amino acids improve cellular renewal to promote elasticity. Rounded out by antioxidant-rich herbs to limit damage from UV radiation, pollutants, and other stressors.

  • CURRENT OFFERING  - Summer Blend of Chamomile & Calendula (new!) - A blend to strengthen the skin and uplift our spirit to bring us closer to the flourishing joy of summer.
  • Autumn Blend of Rose & Tulsi - Both calming and stimulating to help encourage circulation during the colder, stagnant months while soothing irritated skin during seasonal transitions from hot to cold.
  • Winter Blend of Blood Orange & Turmeric - Sparkling citrus encourages joy during darker winter months. Earthy and mildly warm turmeric lessens irritation and revitalizes a sluggish complexion.
  • Spring Blend of Rose Geranium & Clary Sage - A soothing, delicate floral mist to usher in the emergence of spring. Preparing the skin for upcoming warmer weather to help cool inflammation, increase hydration and provide overall balancing.
    Year-round Base:

    Custom blended Mushroom Complex of snow mushroom plus Oregon grown reishi and shiitake. A highly nutritious trio that creates a flexible, breathable hydrating layer that draws moisture in to soothe stressed skin. The wide range of amino acids present has been shown to help with sun damage in addition to improving cellular renewal to promote elasticity and wound healing.  Enhanced with mushroom-derived niacinamide for enhanced skin vitality.

    Coupled with antioxidant-heavy hitters like Japanese knotweed (in particular trans-resveratrol and its glucoside) and anti-pollution powerhouse: white horehound. Enhanced with favorite skin soothers like marshmallow, wild pansy and meadowsweet.  Collectively working to soften lines, improve texture and protect against long-term damage.

    After cleansing, shake well and mist face, taking deep breaths. Careful not to get any into your eyes. While the skin is still wet apply serum and face oil to seal in hydration.

    92% regionally sourced

    seasonal hydrosols*^, mushroom complex: (distilled water, tremella fuciformis (snow mushroom)*, ganoderma lucidum (reishi)* and lentinus edodes (shiitake)*^), spiraea ulmaria (meadowsweet) extract*^, marrubium vulgare (white horehound) extract*^, althaea officinalis (marshmallow) extract*^, viola tricolor (wild pansy) extract*^, polygonum cuspidatum root extract*, lactobacillus ferment, sodium pca

    *organic    |   ^regionally sourced

    To foster higher standards of stewardship among the land & people we practice bioregional sourcing. Most ingredients are grown throughout the Pacific West and including our own micro-garden in Oregon.

     6-month freshness guarantee, refer to best by date on the packaging

    If you are pregnant or nursing, consult with your doctor before using herbs. Always do a patch test on your skin before applying it to a large surface.  For informational purposes only. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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    At Live Botanical we are devoted to using the most vibrant, regionally grown and ethically sourced ingredients to encourage a deep connection to the natural world that can be felt with every use.


    Using plant-based skincare is a journey in building relationships and reconnecting with all things. It is about falling in love with how the plants, people and land are cared for each step of the way.

    Seasonal Radiance Elixir