Solar Return Revitalizing Essence
Solar Return Revitalizing Essence

Size: 50ml Full

Solar Return Revitalizing Essence
Solar Return Revitalizing Essence
Solar Return Revitalizing Essence
Solar Return Revitalizing Essence

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My go to product


In Love!

I've been using this serum for nearly 2 months during my nighttime routine along with the Sanctuary Barrier Balm and I've seen so many improvements. My hydration, plumpness, and overall skin tone are much more even and even the dark spots are fading. I've even gotten compliments about my skin looking more glowy. I have fairly sensitive skin, in my 40's, and have recently noticed some loss in elasticity. I can't use many active products on the market so this serum along with the entire Live Botanical line is absolutely amazing. My skin feels so comfortable and happy.

Charlotte A.
A slow-roll skin reviver.

Solar Return is a skin refresh mainly focused on healing pigmentation and to an extent blemishes while providing lightweight hydration. The product works slowly but surely in fading post-acne marks when blemishes have vacated and it feels good and not at all harsh as it works. I feel my skin is softer in tactile feel too, though the product doesn’t seem to be an exfoliator as such. This may be due to the moth bean extract, which I’ve heard has effects comparable to retinol in a much less aggressive and in a sun-safe form that help firm abd regenerate the skin. The juicy and herbal floral scent of the product is also growing on me and very nice

Thank you so much for your review! To provide a bit of clarity on the formula and moth bean. This is not an exfoliating product but more focused on cellular renewal which improves skin elasticity and firmness but does not shed cells like an exfoliant does. Our Illuminating Exfoliating Serum (also contains Moth Bean) does work in this manner and can be paired with the Solar Return Essence in the evenings.
Warmly, Carolyn (Owner)

Sara K.
A must try!

This essence is a great way to add some hydration to the skin! Plus works well with any skincare routine.

Kat L.
Serum love

I think the serums you all make are the best on the market. I layer the Solar Return Revitalizing Essence with the Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Serum, Illuminating Exfoliating Serum (only 3x a week for this one), and Temperate Forest Restoring Complex. I cannot begin to explain the wonders your products have done to fix hyperpigmentation and my skin barrier, not to mention how much I've grown to love doing my skincare in the morning and evening. Thank you for continuing to make consistent products/batches. Your serums are my favorite of all I've tried.