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Renewing Concentrate & Candelilla Wax Sustainability

Over the past couple years, we’ve been evaluating the use of candelilla wax. Though we have good sourcing that provide the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna) required permits. Along with supporting suppliers that use modern extraction processes that improve workers conditions. A decision was made to remove it from the Renewing Concentrate.

In our process to continually challenge ourselves with better sourcing, this is one that I no longer connect with. Even with protective regulations set forth, it feels disconnected from our ethos being an at risk plant that has potential to exploit people, we believe there are better options. Though with every decision there are pros and cons.

Instead we’ll move to the local, raw beeswax used in our other products. Where we have direct connection to the sustainability and the overall worker’s experience. Understanding of course, bee products have their own sustainability concerns. We have aligned ourselves with amazing partners who create a stewardship environment to help bees thrive.

Smaller changes include…
Replacing the Sal butter with Cupuacu butter from one our favorite sources for ingredients from the Amazon region. Where there is a more direct connection to the people who produce the butter as part of small co-ops in small sustainable batches. This supports their community efforts to limit clear cutting as well.
Having strong visibility to all our ingredients is always a priority.

More functional changes include adding more rose-hip and raspberry oil while removing the hemp seed oil. Though hemp seed oil does not contain CBD it tends to get flagged unnecessarily in various situations. Though it’s something that can be worked through it’s more hassle than we have time for.

With these changes it’ll feel similar on the skin once absorbed. Though it has less slip than before but find it more moisturizing & plumping.
Adding significantly more rose-hip fruit oil (first ingredient) you’ll find it a bit more brightening to support the overall renewal properties of the blend.

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