Mask Bowl & Brush Set

Mask Bowl & Brush Set

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Specially curated masking set to mix your Live Botanical masks effortlessly.

Includes a cotton storage bag:

1. A beautifully crafted Land Bird porcelain bowl. Hand-thrown by local artisan Nancy Froehlich in her Wren, Oregon studio. Each one unique and averages 4” in diameter and 2” in height. The wide base makes it easy to scoop out all the mask mixture onto the brush.

When not in use, it can double as a ring and jewelry dish on your bathroom vanity. It’s too pretty to hide away in a cabinet.

Bowl Care:  All bowls are food safe, dishwasher and microwave safe. The exteriors are sanded raw porcelain with a glossy glazed interior. The bowls are stain-resistant for every day use. If for some reason a stain does occur on the exterior or lip of bowl, soak stained area in a 1 to 1 mix of bleach and water for 20 min.

2. A soft brush (vegan) with a lightweight painted woodhandle. Tightly secured to ensure no loose bristles and optimal coverage of the mask mixture on the skin.

Brush Care: To clean, use a small amount of mild soap (or shampoo) and water to remove any remaining particles then rinse well.

To dry, either store bristle side up in a container/cup or lay flat on a towel. To store you can cover with the provided protective mesh.

3. An adorable porcelain spoon, perfect for mixing powders and liquids. The smaller size allows versatility in measuring a tiny amount for a spot treatment to a full face application.

Spoon Care: To clean, use a small amount of mild soap and water to remove any remaining particles then rinse well.

To dry, wipe with a dry cloth. 

Masking Tips:

Temperature: When using water, mix in warm to hot water to help extract the plant compounds (like a tea). Wait before it is tepid or cool before brushing on skin.  

 Drying: It’s best not to let masks dry completely on the skin. Sometimes a short mask session is all that is needed. Though if you’re feeling you need more time there are 3 options to reduce rate of drying for a longer mask duration:

  1. Mist the face with water or Elixir throughout.
  2. Alternatively use a silicon mask cover to prevent evaporation. You can search online “silicone mask cover”. They are generally under $5.00.
  3. Add a little honey or plain yogurt. If you’re vegan, vegetable glycerin works too. See mask ratios below for details.

Blending Ratios: These are general guidelines and not an exact science. Each mask is slightly different, always start with the powder then add one spoonful of liquid (water or Elixir) at a time and check consistency before adding more liquid or a hydration boost of honey, yogurt or glycerin.

Spot Treatment:

1 rounded spoonful of powder and 2 spoonfuls of liquid (water or elixir).

Zone Treatment:

2 rounded spoonfuls of powder and 3-4 spoonfuls of liquid (water or elixir). For a hydration boost add 1 rounded scoop of honey or yogurt with 1-2 scoops of water. For a nourishing boost, add a couple drops of your favorite facial oil.

Full Face Treatment:

4 rounded spoonfuls of powder and 7-8 spoonfuls of liquid (water or elixirs). For a hydration boost add 2 rounded scoops of honey or yogurt with an 3-4 scoops of water. For a nourishing boost, add a few drops of your favorite facial oil.


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