Glowing Honey Mask
Glowing Honey Mask

Size: 50ml Full

Glowing Honey Mask
Glowing Honey Mask
Glowing Honey Mask
Glowing Honey Mask
Glowing Honey Mask

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Tara W.
Glowing Honey Mask

So good 😊 as expected! It does seem as something in the formula has changed… something very subtle, but I can tell the difference. It seems to be more honey and less exfoliating ingredient (dried flowers/herbs). Not exaclty sure what it is, I may have a better handle on that by the end of my jar. Still an amazing product that my skin fully loves.

Hydrating and Smooth Skin After Using

I abuse this once as a mask, and again as a face wash. I do have a skin with mild rosacea. It did not irritate me because I removed it very slowly in a circle. It was calming honey seems to work well for my skin is I have tried another product with honey in it as well, I believe I like this more as a mess than a cleanser, however it is effective, regardless of which method you try

emily j.
Luxurious Product

This thick honey mask includes a scrubbing grain, and gives a brighter complexion after rinsing. I recommend it for a gentle exfoliation, and be sure to leave it on the recommended 20 -30 minutes for best results! Really no need to scrub, the natural ingredients do the exfoliation. Skin is left feeling plump and refreshed, hydrated.

Kelly A.
Great Product

This mask does a great job exfoliating my dry skin. I have sensitive skin and this mask seems to work great. I do wish it came with a tooth to mix the product. Every time I use it, it needs to be mixed.

So Good

Perfect exfoliation and brightening for my sensitive skin. I use at as a leave on mask and also just as an exfoliating face wash. My sebaceous filaments on my nose were out of control and I washed with this and they were instantly better!