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Coconut & Bergamot Moisturizing Bath


A decadent bath soak inspired by tropical lands with warm sandy beaches. Romantic and alluring drawing from water and fire elements. The calming aroma relaxes the mind while the coconut blend restores critical moisture for super soft and supple skin.

Rich in organic, fair trade coconut milk* creating a luxurious bathing experience. Imparting skin-loving vitamins and skin restorative proteins to soften the skin and encourage elasticity.

Mineral-rich pacific and pink Himalayan salt help to soothe sore muscles and deepen overall relaxation.

The scent is a blend of warm vanilla-like resin, uplifting fruit-filled bergamot (bergaptene free)* and lime* with a touch of calming lavender.  Together, a delicious treat for your senses that encourage joy and deep relaxation.

Ritual: Pour handful into a warm bath and soak 20-30 minutes. Contemplate a walk on a tropical beach with the sun warming your skin.
Notes: essential oils are quickly evaporated in hot water. Add mixture to warm water right before getting into the bath. Be careful when standing up as the tub may become slippery. For external use.

Stored in a 9oz recyclable glass jar.

30% regionally sourced

cocos nucifera (coconut) milk#*, pacific sea salt^, pink himalayan salt, acacia fiber*, tapioca maltodextrin (from yucca root*), essential oils of styrax benzoin resin*, citrus bergamia (bergamot, bergaptene free)*, Citrus aurantiifolia (lime)* and lavendula angustifolia (lavender)*^

*organic   |   ^regionally sourced   |   #fair-trade/co-op

To foster higher standards of stewardship among the land & people we practice bioregional sourcing. Most ingredients are grown throughout the Pacific West and including our own micro-garden in Oregon.

We recommend using that bath within 1 year of purchase.

If you are pregnant or nursing, consult with your doctor before using herbs. Always do a patch test on your skin before applying it to a large surface.  For informational purposes only. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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At Live Botanical we are devoted to using the most vibrant, regionally grown and ethically sourced ingredients to encourage a deep connection to the natural world that can be felt with every use.


Using plant-based skincare is a journey in building relationships and reconnecting with all things. It is about falling in love with how the plants, people and land are cared for each step of the way.

Coconut & Bergamot Moisturizing Bath