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Truly special aromatherapy oils utilizing plants from the Live Botanical garden and wild-crafted plants. Fragrant oils slowly extracted using perfumery enfleurage and maceration methods from the 17th century. Enfleurage is an old-world extraction technique that authentically captures the true essence of a flower’s scent profile.

Each scent blend is a combination of these slow, hand-extracted precious oils with select sustainably sourced resins and oils to help structure and extend wear.  Though they are to be used throughout the day as they wear close to the skin.

About the Collection

Scents are inspired by ecotones, a term defined as the transition from one bioregion to another. Representing the magic of the in-between, where we can delight in the breathtaking diversity in the world. From our backyard gardens to enthralling mountainscapes.


Garden Anointing Oil
Jasmine & Honey

To start our scent journey we are enveloped in a fragrant garden, representing home and the ways in which we carve out our own natural spaces.
At first inhalation, you’re presented with a refined and intoxicating true jasmine. Its perfume is complex, warm and comforting.
Subtle herbal notes can be picked up from macerations of clary sage and lavender.
It’s anchored with vanilla and opoponax resin to be reminded of your meditative rituals throughout the day.

Prairie Anointing Oil
Wild Rose & Meadow

From the garden, we travel to prairie terraces where we find ourselves among meadows of wildflowers.
Oil extraction of both garden and wild roses plus chamomile, true geranium (zdravetz), and yarrow make a subtle transition from the familiar to uncultivated. A free-spirited scent profile that’s floral and bright like sunshine on a clear summer day. A sweet base of tonka bean and sandalwood provide mild grounding to cradle the scent.

Lowlands Anointing Oil
Mugwort & Fertile Soil

From the prairie terraces, we travel into the lowlands. From where Live Botanical is located this is temperate, lush forests. Surrounded by ferns, conifers and an umbrella of deciduous trees between meandering rivers and streams. The transition from grasslands into the mountains.

A unique aromatic blend of fertile soil and mugwort flowers which is akin to desert sage.
Scents of dark green plant matter like violet leaf; slightly sweet of wet forest floor and moss-covered stone. The balance of new life emerging and old growth.

Montane Anointing Oil
Conifers & Basalt

Meandering through the lowlands and climbing elevation into the cascade montane bio-region. The transition from cedar groves and rhododendrons to a collection of stands dominated by Douglas-fir, western hemlock, noble fir, and Pacific silver fir.

A nuanced scent of wet and dry conifers with volcanic basalt from eroded lava plateaus. The uplifting aroma of the sun warming up tree bark and needles balanced with a subtle minerality and spice from various resins. Energizing while maintaining rootedness.

Ingredientsjojoba oil*, coconut oil*, fragrance^, trace amounts of grain-alcohol*
^Fragrance is captured using whole plant aromatherapy oils extracted using slow, old-world practices of enfleurage and maceration.


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