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Solstice & Equinox

facial ritual

A skin journey of sensorial delight, tending to your heart and skin through themes of the season.

Solstice & Equinox

facial ritual

A skin journey of sensorial delight, tending to your heart and skin through themes of the season.

About the Collection

The Solstice and Equinox Facial Ritual weaves together 7 products - a few Live Botanical favorites along with new and unique herbal creations. Each step guides you through the seasonal elements of fire, water, earth and air, elevating the spirit and expanding the heart space.

$260 (value $426)

Seasonal offering and quantities will be limited.


Ritual Cleansing Balm 
Desert Sky Clarity Plant Peel 
Earthbound Therapy Mask 
Tidal Moon Moisture Mask 
Ambient Moisture Liquid 
Renewing Concentrate 
Autumn Radiance Elixir - Rose & Tulsi 
Facial Tools 
Acacia wood bowl, brush, spoon and organic washcloth 
8 x 10 'Garden Helpers' Botanical Print  
Artist collaboration with Courtney Roth 
24-page instructional guide and journal 
ALSO INCLUDED - A $50 Live Botanical Gift Card Voucher, (issued once you complete a quick survey online)


Each of the new products are ones I’ve had in my formula journal for years. Inspired by my favorite places throughout the Pacific Northwest. Using colors, ingredients, textures and scents to get lost in these natural places. From the high-desert, coastal forests, honeybee filled meadows, volcanic landscapes, geothermal sulfur rich soil and to my own garden sanctuary.


owner, maker & herbalist

The ritual of caring

for our skin allows us to channel

our touch, scent and sight to be

in an intimate communion with

the earth every day, even if it is for

only a short moment in time.

Geothermal clay, gathered locally near Crater Lake,  wild strawberries on the Oregon coast, mushroom covered old growth forests and soothing hot spring sanctuaries. 

Crisp, cool energy of the high-desert scents of sage and juniper delicately dance in the air.

Temperate rainforests that flow into the Pacific Ocean. Trails lined with wildflowers, thistles and berries amongst towering Firs as Cedars dance in the wind. Dense cloud cover and pockets of fog envelop the land with moisture.

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A 10-piece collection of plant alchemy. Illuminating a deeper understanding of the beauty that lives within us.



Just as the seasons come and go, so do our seasonal collections. However, the Solstice & Equinox Collection is different. In the spirit of community and co-creation we're inviting our customers to help choose what product will become a permanent addition within the Live Botanical skincare line.

Added in every box is a $50 Live Botanical Gift Card, which will be issued digitally after participating in the online survey.