NW Rainforest

The NW Rainforest collection is designed to help you reflect and go on an introspective journey. The botanicals draw mainly from the air and earth elements.  Deeply grounding cedar blended with the clarifying lavender, firs and spruces awaken the mind while calming the spirit.
NW Rainforest
Live Botanical NW Rainforest Lavender and Conifers Body Cream 1 fl oz

NW Rainforest Body Cream

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NW Rainforest is a rich and gentle salve like cream for everyday use.   Rosehips* contains vitamin A to improve collagen production and deepen the moisturizing abilities. Hibiscus* is a natural source of alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) which can increase cell turnover for radiant and glowing skin.   Cold pressed Apricot Kernel Oil* is light and gentle, known for quick absorption... Read more

NW Rainforest Grey Salt Bath


NW Rainforest is an uplifting and deeply cleansing bath to purify and soothe the skin. Grey Salt hand gathered from the French coast using ancient Celtic practices.  The result is 82 trace minerals and high moisture content to achieve the most benefits possible from a bath.   Essential Oil Blend of Lavender*, Spruce*, Fir*, Cedar*, and Jasmine*. Created to open... Read more