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Handcrafted Copper Spoon

$28.00 $35.00

When used, we feel this gorgeous utensil turns mundane tasks into the most beautiful of rituals.

Copper itself also provides an essential micronutrient. With reported health benefits, ranging from improved appearance of skin, to treatment of wounds and skin conditions, and maintaining metabolic processes. When using to stir your tea it can add a micro dose of the mineral.

Crafted by Yolanda Chih-Jou Chiu. Born in Taipei, Taiwan, Yolanda worked in the fashion industry as a graphic designer for seven years and had her own jewelry studio for eight years before she pursued a Master of Fine Arts degree in Jewelry and Metal Arts from the Academy of Art University. She is known for incorporating fashion and graphic design elements into her metal works.


3.5 x 3.6 cm diameter, 20.2 cm long (7.8 inches approx.)

The protective covers on the spoon are plastic-free and compostable.

The beauty and warmth that come from these metals can change over time as they are exposed to the elements. When using the spoon and tea strainer, be sure to hand wash with mild soap and dry completely before putting it away. With copper, it is best not to leave in hot liquid for an extended amount of time.

Cleaning to bring back their luster

Squeeze the juice of a lemon slice in a bowl and then sprinkle the salt into the juice. Using three times as much lemon to salt. Stir for a minute until the salt dissolves. Dip a cloth into the solution and polish the copper. Dry well, add a thin layer of mineral oil (optional), and store away.


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Using plant-based skincare is a journey in building relationships and reconnecting with all things. It is about falling in love with how the plants, people and land are cared for each step of the way.

Handcrafted Copper Spoon

$28.00 $35.00