Forget Pumpkin Spice

Forget Pumpkin Spice

Ok, so I love pumpkin seed oil, I use it in 4 of my products including both serums (along with other skin specific oils and botanicals).

I use an unrefined, cold pressed, organic version that I often use alone as basic moisturizer. As with any unrefined oils, it has it’s own scent that I personally think is lovely. Slight vegginess (I know that is not a word but works) that has sweet undertones.

By using an unrefined oil the balance of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids stay intact ensuring the most potent moisturizer without the buildup. The acids are also anti-inflammatory to support the skin and are in the muscle and moon cycle balms to further the pain relief benefits of the herbal extracts.

What stands out though is the amazing vitamin and mineral profile.

Zinc and Selenium to support collagen levels, fight acne and provide a mild UV protectant. Perfect for those transitioning into needing more anti-aging support while dealing with breakouts (that's me).

Vitamin A and E helps rejuvenate skin by repairing and toning while reducing scarring and improving texture.

This simple and humble oil is really one of my favorites.